Archival API Plots

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These plots show the API rms phase vs LST for each month of the year from September 2010 through August 2011. The magenta line in the top plot is the median computed per LST hour. Click any plot to enlarge it.

See also the monthly plots of the fraction of time available for each frequency band vs. LST

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January February March
Rmsphase January2011.png
Rmsphase February2011.png
Rmsphase March2011.png
April May June
Rmsphase April2011.png
Rmsphase May2011.png
Rmsphase June2011.png
July August September
Rmsphase July2011.png
Rmsphase August2011.png
Rmsphase September2010.png
October November December
Rmsphase October2010.png
Rmsphase November2010.png
Rmsphase December2010.png